Self-Taught Art: It’s Officially a Thing

"The Princess Who Flew Away"

I like the term “self-taught art”. I read it in a “Hyperallergenic” article about how Atlanta’s High Museum has at last hired a curator for their new Gallery of Folk and Self-Taught Art. Apparently, Folk/Outsider Art Ph.d’s are scarce as hen’s teeth.

I like the idea of doing something for which there is not yet a Ph.d. Most of what I  know how to do has been learned via the try-it-screw-it-up-try-it-again method. This works pretty well for most things, although it means that when I go to the hardware store, I ask stupid questions and get called “Hon”. Lots. And I’m glad I had more than one child since, like pancakes, I completely messed up the first one and had to feed it to the dog.

I like making pieces that are surreal, possibly visionary and often dark. All of my art has a narrative element but I am working HARD this year to incorporate fairytales: dark, funny, fauve, brut, GENUINE story telling. Grimm, not Disney. I need to learn more doll making and textile art skills in order to populate these tales with the requisite pink-but-gritty princesses and soulful frogs. I’m planning to teach myself.

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