Crowdsourcing Courage


So.. what do YOU do when you’re feeling exhausted and drained by all the extra functions and effort that surround (and sometimes compete with) the actual making of art? I’m considering crowdfunding a better storage solution for my work and from everything I’m reading, it will be a giant time and energy suck. Intimidates me. Lots. I am a tired old coot and the work I do with fiber art and repurposed junk is really time and effort intensive.

Although, MAKING the art is not a problem for me. Dark art, like dark chocolate cheers me up remarkably. Ideas are lined up out the door, although sometimes the means whereby they are realized involves a great deal of work. Doing “intuitive” art does not mean that inspiration comes with a set of assembly instructions.

I’m utilizing the usual: coffee, Spotify, trashy tv on Netflix, dark chocolate covered caramel. Walks outside should be more available once the snow melts. In the meantime, I’m VERY open to suggestions.. ideas anyone???

(Image above: “My Friend Donna, the Dancer”- donated to Ellis Fischel Cancer Project)

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