The Madwoman’s Granddaughter: Page One


“The Madwoman’s Granddaughter– History of the Drowned Cities: the Granddaughter Speaks” (Page One)

We are all survivors of a personal Atlantis, all of us risen from the sunken continent of childhood. Even yet, I find myself inundated by remembrance, seduced by the drowned sound of bells still tolling from beneath the waves. Sometimes I return in dreams, the lifeless body of a child melting out of my arms as my face breaks the surface and I waken. The South is another sort of dream, suggestive and persistent, a country composed equally of the survivors of dreams and the drowned.  After many years of terror and self discipline, I allow myself to live just at the edge, in the hills overlooking the turquoise waters of art, memory and madness.

The Madwoman's Granddaughter: Page One detail

The Madwoman's Granddaughter: Page One- detail 2

The Madwoman's Granddaughter: Page One- detail 3


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