Snow White: No Preservatives


I am the deer
whose heart was torn out
instead of Snow White’s,
the dwarves’ fat ex-girlfriend,
the wicked queen’s elder sister,
squinting into a magnifying mirror,
rubbing Oil of Olay onto the crumpled ruin
of what was never beauty.
I am sick of being a non-player character
in my own life game.

Peering through a portal torn in theĀ  enchantment,
I see poor Snow White
pretending to sleep,
while Prince Charming’s cold, rough fingers
rasp the silk front of her gown.
Of course, in his kiss,
in that moment,
she knows that the next time he finds
a princess or a swineherd asleep in the forest
he’ll do the same damn thing,
but she opens her eyes and lips
and closes her mind.

I yank myself back from her tale to mine,
to become the writer of this story,
an artist,
a maker of silver apples,
diamond trees
and jeweled human hearts,
dripping poison.

Snow White: No Preservatives

Snow White- detail 2

Snow White- detail 3

Snow White- detail 5


Snow White- lyric

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